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Wanton Desire

I had expected to be briefed by my HOD when I arrived at my new place of work at 7 AM. 
However, since I came in earlier than 8 AM, resumption time, it means I have to wait an hour to be briefed by my new boss. I don’t mind waiting, really.  I am just excited that my days of boredom are over.
“The Managing Director will see you now" A light skinned guy wearing a straight face informs me. The Managing Director is at work way before resumption? Impressive.
As I climb the stairs that lead to his office, I wonder why he is briefing me and not my HOD. I don’t have to wonder for long as I am in front of his office. I take a deep breath and knock. He responds “You can come in".
He is typing away on his laptop when I enter his office. I feel heat rise to my cheeks and my heart beat a little faster. 
He looks very attractive and almost saintly sitting there in his extra white long sleeve shirt. I quickly lick my dry lips and say “good morning sir". He looks up from his computer at …