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Wanton Desire

I had expected to be briefed by my HOD when I arrived at my new place of work at 7 AM. 

However, since I came in earlier than 8 AM, resumption time, it means I have to wait an hour to be briefed by my new boss. I don’t mind waiting, really.  I am just excited that my days of boredom are over.

“The Managing Director will see you now" A light skinned guy wearing a straight face informs me. The Managing Director is at work way before resumption? Impressive.

As I climb the stairs that lead to his office, I wonder why he is briefing me and not my HOD. I don’t have to wonder for long as I am in front of his office. I take a deep breath and knock. He responds “You can come in".

He is typing away on his laptop when I enter his office. I feel heat rise to my cheeks and my heart beat a little faster. 

He looks very attractive and almost saintly sitting there in his extra white long sleeve shirt. I quickly lick my dry lips and say “good morning sir". He looks up from his computer at me and asks me to sit.

He starts to brief me about work and what I am expected to do going forward. He informs me that my HOD will be unavailable this week as she is away on business. His voice is so calm and almost seductive. His long fingers look properly manicured and for some reason, I realize that I am attracted to him in a way that is inappropriate.

I manage to get the key message of our brief meeting and head to my desk to resume work as the Personal Assistant to the Head of Customer Acquisitions.

My first day is uneventfully boring and my idle mind is fueling my inappropriate attraction. I imagine that he calls me into his office an hour before close of business.

When I am inside, he is standing at his desk and asks me to come over to his side of the table. He holds my waist and pulls me close to him. I am shocked and turned on so I don’t say much. 

He turns me around so that I am sitting on his table and spreads my legs apart so that he can get in between them. I feel his hard-on and desire courses through my belly. He holds my gaze and tells me to relax.

I want this so I don’t fight it.

He trails kisses along my neck while my hands untuck his shirt and start to undo his belt. His hands are in my blouse, unhooking my bra and freeing my full breasts. He stops me from unzipping his fly and whispers “slow down, we'll get there".

I listen to him and whisper in his ear “want do you want to do?”. 

My voice sounds breathy. 

He smiles and says “this". 

He raises my blouse, exposing my bare breasts. He cups both breasts in both hands and kneads them softly. His thumbs circling both nipples. I moan as pleasure rides swiftly to my core. I can feel my clitoris throbbing as wetness seeps out of my pussy.

I throw my head backwards and arch my chest, encouraging him to do more. I feel his mouth on my left nipple, sucking and teasing with his tongue while he rolls my right nipple around his fingers.

 I start to move my waist along his erection. It feels so good but I want more. I take his free hand and slide it under my skirt.

He stops teasing me and asks me “are you sure?”

I affirmatively nod and say “yes".

He takes off my panties and slides a finger inside my wet, warm pussy. He starts to fuck me with a finger, then two fingers. That’s when I start to moan loudly. He quickly puts his hand over my mouth to stifle it but doesn’t stop fucking me. I feel my orgasm start to build up and I cum all over his fingers. I ask him to stop.

“Did I hurt you?” He asks concerned.

“No" I say “I want to do this”.

I unzip his fly.

He doesn’t stop me this time. I take out his huge cock from his boxers and stroke it in admiration and lust.

I spread his pre-cum around the tip of his cock and stroke it slowly. I take a bit of my wetness and rub it around the tip and shaft as well. I stroke his cock and tease my clit with the tip.

He moans. 

He clears the table and asks me to lie on my back.

I get a bit nervous “I don’t want to go all the way".

“neither do I” he responds.

“Trust me".

I lie on my back and adjust my legs so that they are spread apart with my pussy in full view. 

I wonder what he is going to do.

Just then I feel him stroking his cock really fast along and around my soaking wet pussy and teasing my clit. 

The pleasure is so intense that I raise my waist when his cock is at my opening and the tip goes into my pussy. 

He quickly makes to withdraw it but I raise my waist further. He relaxes and goes all in. He fills me up so much that I can feel every hair on my body rise.

 His thrusts alternate between fast and slow. My body responds by matching his rhythm.  In no time, we are both panting and fucking really fast.

He goes deeper and my fingernails dig into his skin as I reach my orgasm and he reaches his.

He quickly withdraws and spills his cum all over my belly button as he strokes his length.  We both look at each other and start laughing.

“That was unexpected”. He says.

“That was intense" I giggle.

“Want dinner? I am starving”

I smile and say “absolutely, after we clean up though".

We both laugh “of course “he says. “After you".

I pick up my panties and go into his restroom.

“I hope you enjoyed your first day?” A voice says from afar followed by a knock on a surface.

Oh my God! He is standing here.

“Oh! Yes, I did, thank you" I say with a smile.

“Don’t worry, tomorrow will be more fun."

I have no idea how to respond to that. What is he referring to? The earth shattering tryst we just had in his office that I am still recovering from in my head or work. There is no way he read my mind so I am going to go with work.

“Thank you sir, have a lovely evening “.

“Good night” he says as he walks out the door.

 “Good night” I say to his broad back.

I quickly search for him on Instagram to follow him and find out that he is married.

Oh damn!

How did I miss his wedding band?


Now I hate myself for fantasizing about someone else’s husband.

I make a mental note never to do that again but when he walked through the door the next morning… sigh.

This is harder than I thought.

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