The World Is...

The world is constantly changing
Things happen and change faster than you can blink
One moment, a person is here. The next, he is in Valhalla
You can be wealthy today but one decision can catapult you to poverty.

The world is a place for the patient 
Take the quick route and you will most likely not have a good end
Take the slow, painful route and there will most likely be rewarded with plenty gold

The world is not a place for the simple honest man.
He is more often than not sidelined to the corner of mediocrity
The cunny, dishonest man swims in abundance

The world is not a place for the feeble
Fortune more often than not, favors the bold
Only a few feeble minded people manage to make it to the top

The world is a bias place.
Many have to work like the clock to make ends meet.
Some only need to lift a finger to have all they need.

The world is a cold, bitter place
All you have worked for can disappear like the scent of cheap perfume

The world is a wicked place
If you strive hard enough and believe in yourself enough
Trust a little and put God in the equation
You will most likely survive this world

The world has its moments
Moments of beauty and love
Moments of compassion, of anger and of hate
Your choices, chance and sometimes fate shape your experience

The world is
The world is what we make it.

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