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I Am Woman

I love compliments I bat my lashes and smile when adored My waist is motivated to jiggle when ogled I am shy when accosted by a gentleman


BLACK I read somewhere once: Black don’t crack I like to think of myself as black Not in the way you think I am not referring to the color of my skin


Urggh! Please be done already! I am Tired of hearing these pig-like grunts that come with each thrust. 
His gargantuan weight is killing me and all I feel like doing is pushing him off and screaming at him to take his bulky frame elsewhere.
I sigh inside knowing that I cannot do that, his pocket is way too deep and too bulky for me to muster the needed courage to tell him all the nasty things I think of him and throw him out the door.  
I need his money and I need it real bad. So, I suck up my irritation and moan profanities into his ears while I lift and wiggle my waist like a hurricane until he spills

Monalisa - II

Boy! Melody was on a mission to wreck me! We bought five hundred thousand naira worth of expensive girly stuff and I couldn’t complain because Melody and I have gone through the gutter and back, she has stuck with me no matter what, she is my cliched sister from another mother and she deserves every bit of our purchase. I really just wish they did not cost so much. After taking selfies,


Monalisa - III

Long story short, my back stabbing best friend Melody ratted me out to Phil and here I am on a forced date with Dr. Phil. He is actually a doctor and he looks too fine for his own good. I am almost certain his female patients fall ill on purpose just to see him. How did I meet him? You ask. Well, I attended the University of Johannesburg while he attended the School of medicine Pretoria. We met at a mutual friend’s birthday party in JB and instantly had that “we are strangers in a foreign land” connection but it soon went beyond that as we became friend’s and eventually started dating and it was wonderful. I was head over ankles, toes and heels in love with him and he was crazy about me. It was so bad; I couldn’t have a conversation without talking about him half the time. He would pop in just to say hello, lavished me with love and made me so happy, my friends were rotten with envy. We were in love and everything was perfect. He was perfect. To me, He would never and could never do a…

Monalisa - The end

Photocredit:J. Scott Campbell

I am wearing a revealing cat suit and doing a strip tease for Tega. My mind keeps replaying the hungry look in Paul's eyes as I twisted and twirled on and around him two nights ago. Unlike Paul's, Tega's lust filled eyes do not stimulate my core.Tega notices.
“What’s the problem? You seem distracted today.” “I’m okay Teg’s” I smile and lie on his large body. He holds me “What is the problem?”