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The Beginning

The Beginning
Today marks the beginning of what? (yawns, stretches and relaxes) I cannot say exactly.

Why did I create this blog? Hmmm.. Let's see... Oh! yes, my desire and passion for writing. I do love to write. Whether  I am a good writer or not, I cannot say. I will let potential readers of my blog posts determine that.
However, you must be forewarned that I will post what I like as this is the one medium through which I can unleash myself ; by medium, I mean writing. Nevertheless, I will keep my readers in mind so that I can keep you entertained at all times i.e if you love to read.
For now, I am tired ASF and need to get home which happens to be about two hours from where I work. Feel free to drop your comments, observations, opinions, discretions and what not in the comment section.

I do not know who you are, whoever stumbles upon this post, but I can definitely tell that I love you already. (Do not ask me how, I won't tell) Peace out!