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Life was a whole lot easier as a kid. No worries, playing around all day with your friends. No strife or hate, no need to worry about tomorrow because you were certain dad and mom would provide everything you needed. One didn't understand certain things and even though you were curious, they never really bothered you. Crying was only necessary when you were beaten by an older person or deprived of something you wanted at the time but even in the midst of that crying, it was easy to make you laugh and forget.
Laughing, forgetting and forgiving came easy. You didn't have to think about it or work yourself up to
it. You just forgave, you laughed cause you wanted to and felt like it not because you had to.
  But then,
The Harsh realities of life hit you square in the face and you realize life is not all that simple. You unknowingly pick up habits that either make or mar you later in life. You grow older, you make friends, create and recreate your identity, rebel against your parents mainly because you believe they don't understand you, do not love you enough and because you believe you can make it on your own. Hence, you find and forge your own path but you realize that in no time at all, you are all grown up and you can no longer depend on mom and dad for basic necessities. That's when the hustle begins! 

You realize your parents are GOLD because in actuality, it is not easy to survive in the real world, you realize you have been ungrateful for the sacrifices they made and that in as much as they may have sometimes seemed to be the devils sent to hunt you down, their actions stemmed from a kind of love that cannot be bought. It was born out of fear for your future so that you would turn out right.
You get to understand that they are but humans and make mistakes.

So, you forgive, you begin to appreciate them and your love, respect and admiration for them is rekindled and grows to a whole new level. You go back to them for love, advice and to show them that you are thankful for their care and love by caring for them in return. You no longer resent their concerns because you know they want the best for you and when they do not understand your decision but still let you make your mistakes because you are your own person now, you do not argue but empathize.
Truth is, many do not understand this until they eventually have their own children and find themselves making the same mistakes their parents made.

What am I saying in essence? It is this; Life is indeed a vicious cycle. It's better to learn from precepts so as not to make the same mistakes our parents made with us, with our kids. It is inevitable, We will make mistakes but then, let us not be too proud to take corrections when we have erred our children, let us apologize to them when we do them wrong because we will be their number one example on behavior, character and judgment. Our actions will affect their psyche and their perception of adulthood. We should not be Omniknowests with them neither should we be ashamed to learn and try to understand their perspectives.

Our generation can be better parents. Nobody is perfect, we can only hope and work towards being better than our predecessors.



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