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Urggh! Please be done already! I am Tired of hearing these pig-like grunts that come with each thrust. 

His gargantuan weight is killing me and all I feel like doing is pushing him off and screaming at him to take his bulky frame elsewhere.

I sigh inside knowing that I cannot do that, his pocket is way too deep and too bulky for me to muster the needed courage to tell him all the nasty things I think of him and throw him out the door.  

I need his money and I need it real bad. So, I suck up my irritation and moan profanities into his ears while I lift and wiggle my waist like a hurricane until he spills
the content of his scrotum sac. Aaah.. finally. Sweet Monalisa! Did he just collapse his huge, ugly body on my slim, soft, curvy one? Mtchew, does he want to kill me? He must think I melted into the mattress after our tryst.

Na wa! This small thing wey im do just now na im make am dey pant like horse? Meanwhile, I have to stroke his back now, literally.

In my feigned I want more tone I purr “Tiger, you sure know how to get me wild” This pleases him because he giggles throatily which causes me to nearly break underneath him. I need to get this guy off before I choke to death. I gently push him off “You know how to work this gal right. Giving it to me just the way I like it.”  

This is not true; the man is as boring as possible in bed, no flair, creativity or passion whatsoever. He is a good talker though and he loves to have his ego stroked. This is what I am doing at the moment.

Amidst panting, he unwinds his tongue to reply me “does that mean you will give me a pass this one time? ‘Cause I am obviously not the only one who enjoys our sessions.”  “Haba! Tega, a girl needs to look good o!” I stand up and twirl “having and maintaining this bod ain’t beans.”

I sit on the bed and clean his sweaty brows with the back of my hand after which I trail soft kisses from his forehead to his middle my big nipples lightly brushing his skin while I talk in that sexy tone that kills him each time “You know you love it when I look good for you” This get’s him hard again and he pants and stutters “ Mona, how do you do that?” I sit up, bite my lips slowly and shrug.

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He pulls me to himself “if it were not my position in society, you know I would marry you, right?” What?? Marry who? Choi! No no no no “You worry too much about what people say or what they would say. They are people, they will say whatever they want to and should you ever ask, the answer would be yes” He sighs and kisses my forehead “you are right, but then, my children and wife would lose respect for me and would make life unbearable for you should we ever attempt it. I would never want to put you in that position.”

 Hian! Hear this man o! what gives him the notion that moi, Monalisa Okafor would marry him? Yes, he is a very wealthy oil magnate with booming businesses across the country BUT  there’s no way I would spend the rest of my life with Tega! He is 45 years old for Pete’s sake which puts him two decades ahead of me, mehn, that is a very long time o.

Why are you shaking your head? 

Yes, I am sleeping with him but it is merely for the material gain. Besides, our meetings are a top secret which is why I even agreed to this ‘relationship’ my friends will not let me hear the last of it if they catch a glimpse of him. He is huge! no, I do not mean down there, I mean his body mass. Think of Rick Ross before he lost weight, flabby breasts, large stomach, remember?  Well, multiply him by two. Oh ho! Now you understand ba? I am not saying he’s bad looking, there are girls who are into big guys just not me. Does that make me a hypocrite? Probably but I don’t care as long as my bills are getting paid, I am good. Plus his money makes up for all the inconveniences.

By the way, he is currently snoring, typical Tega, you can never get a meaningful conversation out of him once he has satisfied his sexual urge. He goes straight to sleep while I check his suitcase and pockets for cash. Not that I steal his money, far from it. I just check what he has at hand that way I know how much to milk off him minus the money he would send to my account. Only 300k. I know you are looking at me like, only? Truth be told, He didn’t bring much with him today. On a normal day, he carries close to 500k around and on a good day, a million. Why he goes around with all that money, I don’t understand. Anyway, that's his headache. Lemme go freshen up.

You are probably wondering what my story is, why would a tall, beautiful, curvaceous, dark-skinned, sexy damsel like moi be with a tall, huge moneybag like Tega?

Well, unlike the usual cases you hear about, I am from a middle-class family made up of my father, mother and I. All my needs are met but I have wants,dreams... dreams my middle-class parents (No insults to their financial status) cannot meet. 

You see, I graduated top of my class and blah blah blah but I don’t want to work for nobody. I cannot settle for mediocre, I have to make it big. One full year after I graduated, I still couldn’t get my shit together. I have a great business idea but no funds to execute. I was able to raise funds but 200k is a drop in the ocean compared to the 20mill I need to start up. I was getting desperate and that is when I met Tega on a boat ride at Takwa bay with Melody my best friend (We stay together). He said hello, flirted a bit. I was a bit put off at first till Melody let me in on the info as to who he is being that I spent most of my years growing up in South Africa with my aunt. That’s where I schooled. We exchanged phone numbers and the rest is what has led me to be his mistress and I am saving up the big bucks he is giving me in exchange for sex.

I don’t care if he is married with two grown kids my age and older, all I need is his money and he doesn’t fail to deliver just like I do not fail to rock his midsection till he’s begging me to stop. No, I do not have a boyfriend so I am not cheating on anyone.

 I have packed up my bag and all I am waiting for is for him to finish with the call he is on so I can get out of dodge.

“So sorry for the delay Mona.”

“It’s alright. I will have to meet my cab guy up but I have to give you a kiss before I leave” I lean in and give him a kiss full on the mouth while I grab captain. He laughs “naughty girl” he smacks my voluptuous butt I am very proud of.

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He reaches for his briefcase, pulls three full wads of one thousand naira notes and hands it to me.

“Buy something kinky for our next meet”

I giggle happily “I can’t wait for our next meet Papi” I wink and shove the money in my handbag, put on my clothes, peck him on the cheek and waltz out the door.

“Call me when you get home" he says to my behind.

As my cab man Yemi drives me to my flat in Lekki phase one thanks to Tega’s generosity, my phone beeps, I check, it is an alert from my financial institution. The Four hundred thousand naira alert that lights up my screen put a very broad smile on my face.  

“Monalisa!!!” I run into the living room wondering why Melody was screaming my name but she is merely sitting legs crossed on our big deep red floor pouf with my phone in her hands and her mouth agape. Yep, you guessed right. My sneaky best friend and roommate went through my messages and saw the alert from yesterday which was Friday by the way.

“Bitch what did you do to get 400k in your account?!” Her hand is on her forehead now. “Jeez! Your account balance is 4.5MILLION NAIRA?!! What… how?” I don’t even know what to say to her at this point because I never told her  I was seeing Tega. I just grab my phone, tell her to calm down and give her the whole gist. Nothing spared.

“You slut!” she says in disbelief. She doesn’t mean the insult literally. “How come you never told me? I am your best friend!”

Oh boy, she sounds hurt “ Babe, you know how I yabbed him the first day we met na and how I said, I would never ever date him when he started asking me out and buying me gifts, plus I used to be a big advocate of not dating married men and... I just didn’t want you to, you know, see me as a hypocrite” There, I said it. She reaches out and I know she is about to squeeze my nipples so I quickly run off. Doesn’t stop her from chasing me anyway.

 “I would never call you a hypocrite you dumb silly girl,” she says as she chases me. I lock myself up in the bathroom.

"If you come out now, I won’t squeeze them really hard, it’s your punishment for keeping stuff away from me. Better now than later…”  She sings out. Shit! I can’t let her squeeze my nipples, she’s a witch. She would squeeze them so hard I would have to keel over. I have to escape her nipple squeezing “Ummm... How about I make you a deal?”

 There is a pause “a deal sounds fair enough but it better be good else I will squeeze those nipples so hard, you'd think they are about to fall off” How do I save my nipples for crying out loud! Yes! I know “Melody, you are going to love this deal.” She raps on the glass door with her long, manicured pink lacquered nails “I am listening”, I smile as I say the magic words “let’s go shopping.”

Those were the magic words that catapulted us to the shopping mall and saved my beloved nipples from immense pain.

A grinning Melody and I were headed towards the counter when I saw him halfway through and oh my G! I turned to liquid.

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