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Ma Alfred iii

As she ran hastily to buy the bottle of coke, Sarah was very excited about the prospects of getting a new dress. A new dress! She hadn't had one since forever. Still, she couldn't help but wonder why Bro. Choja was being nice to her. He had not even acknowledged her existence until about two weeks ago. She must have obviously been doing something right.

"Bro. Choja, I have brought the bottle of coke" She said as she panted, out of breathe from her run. "Come in and put it on the table" She heard him say from somewhere within his house. She had never entered his house and she felt a bit awkward but she went in any way as she took in the neat apartment that was three times bigger than the one her mum and siblings lived in with her grandma.
"That was fast, he said as he came in from the bathroom. "why are you sweating so much, did you run?" "I did", she replied. "Here's your change and the coke" she said as she handed them to him. He smiled, collecting the soft drink but not the change. "You can keep the change but come rest a while before you go. You can sit here"
he said, as he pointed towards the bed.

Sarah was so happy about her new found fortune of a hundred and fifty naira that she happily jumped on the bed careful not to let her dusty feet stain Choja's clean sheets. He sat next to her and handed her a cup of coke which she gladly drank in one gulp as she hadn't had one since last Christmas which was about 7months ago. As she drank, she felt his hands on her laps and she jerked her legs from his reach. Grandma had told her plenty times never to let any member of the opposite sex touch her anywhere close to her private part or her chest.  She also told her to scream and report anyone that tried to touch her in those areas, no matter who they might be but Bro. Choja had been nice to her, she was probably over reacting.

A bit taken aback by her reaction to his touch, he withdrew his hands. He had to coax her into behaving. He had his one opportunity, here and now. He had to utilize it properly. He quickly composed himself and In a stern tone, he addressed her  "Sarah, why did you do that? "I am sorry" was her quick response "grandma told me not to let anybody touch me there" He shook his head in understanding "Ma Alfred" He groaned under his breathe. "How did I touch you? He spoke as he lowered himself to her seated level on the bed and put his hands on her laps, lifting her flared, worn-out cotton skirt up. She winced and pulled the skirt back down. "I want to go. She made to get up but he held her back down, stroking her laps and shifting the skirt up "Sarah, I would never harm you" he told her in a soft voice. "Your grandma is ill-informed. She is old. Old people do not know what they say sometimes" Sarah, squirming uncomfortably repeats herself, "I want to go, let me go or I will tell grandma"

This threat resounded in his mind and he cunningly replied "Don't you want that new dress I promised you?" "I do" Sarah replied, confused as to how what was going on was linked to the new dress. "Good, very good. If you behave and not tell your grandma about anything that we do from now on, I will not only buy you a new dress, I will buy you whatever you want. All you have to do is ask." In a confused tone, she asked him, " what are we going to do?" He told her not to worry, all she had to do was be a good girl and not scream or tell anybody anything. He rose up and quickly took off his trouser while an alarmed Sarah watched him wondering what was going on. He advanced toward her in an excited frenzy and pulled down her skirt and panties alongside. Sensing danger, Sarah screamed out loud...


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