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Ma Alfred (ii)

...He had heard that virgins were the sweetest. Their vaginas were untouched, unpenetrated, a parcel waiting to be unwrapped. He had heard of how the tightness of a virgin's vagina grips the penis, massaging it into ecstasy and this experience appealed to him very much. He yearned for it and  he day dreamed about it. He would
give his arm if only he could experience it.
He had slept with countless girls this past year and none were virgins. This made him furious. Modern girls had no morals. He even slept with a 15 year old who told him she was a virgin and needed her cherry popped. He was so excited but his excitement soon turned to anger as he entered her with ease. Needless to say, he took his anger out on her vagina. She never spoke to him again after that day.

This desire was killing him as he only had to see a female child taking a pee or worse, her mother washing her privates for him to get an erection. He would have to do something about this soon before he went entirely crazy but who would help ease him of this ravenous need threatening to burst his dick. The crazy thing was, the fact that having sex with a child was risky fueled his lust. He had made up his mind. He was going to do it and who would fulfill his need better than his little cousin Sarah. He would bribe her with food, chocolates and sweets, he knew her good-for -nothing mother or Ma Alfred could not afford that. They barely even had two square meals daily! ha!

Oh! Sarah, this past week, he had achieved the most glorious orgasms watching her have her bath from the comfort of his window. The way her delicate hands ran through her body when she washed herself made him want to run his hands all over her and he could not wait to have her. It wasn't that much of a taboo, after all, he is her second cousin removed.
Today was the perfect day as Ma Alfred who always kept a keen eye on her grand-children would be going out. Her lousy mother, Rebeca did not count as she could barely keep an eye on herself talk more of her children.

There she was playing all by herself he thought as he watched her pick stones from the ground. "Sarah!" he called out "yes brother Choja" she replied him in her sweet voice "Come here" when she did, he placed a hand on her shoulder.
'how are you? " he asked "I am fine" she replied sweetly " this dress you are wearing  looks old, you need to buy a new one." She lowered her head shyly. "I will give you money to buy a new dress" This obviously pleased her as a smile crawled up her face. "First, take this money and get me a cold bottle of coke". " Yes brother Choja" she jumped gaily as she took the money from him and ran off to get the bottle of coke.
Little did she know what lay in the offing for her....


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