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Ma Alfred (i)

I heard a true story once. Of how a woman died as a result of anger. I got curious and asked how? How did she die because she got angry? I did find out though. Here goes:

 The day had begun well for Ma Alfred. She had tilled her ground, had a lovely breakfast, gone to the market to get needed supplies for herself and dependent daughter with 6 children from 4 different absentee fathers. Life was difficult but she loved her child in spite of her waywardness and stubbornness. Most of all, she loved her grand-children very much and would do whatever it took to at least put food in their mouths. At age 60 she was no longer as strong as she used to be but she would try.

Already a few hours past mid day, she had decided to rest a while before attending mid-week bible study at the local church located in the center of town. As she was about to dose off, she suddenly heard screams that made her jump from the bed she lay on. She wasn't sure if the screams were real so she listened again and this time, she was sure. The voice was one she recognized and immediately, she called on her daughter "Rebeca! Rebeca!" She lazily entered the bedroom and replied "why do have to call my name so loudly?' ignoring her reply, she asked "where is Sarah? I think I heared her scream" Listening intently, the scream resounded
in Rebeca's ears and she rushed out of the house answering her mother "She is in Choja's house, he sent her to buy him a bottle of coke."
Now, Choja happens to be second cousin removed from Sarah on Ma Alfred's late husband's side of the family and stayed in the family compound with other members of the family. You see, Choja was 10 years older than Sarah who was just 8 years old at the time and his desire for a bottle of coke that afternoon stemmed from a riotous desire bursting through his loins for the tight, tender, supple, pink flesh of femininity.......
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  1. Nice one... that flower up there describes the 'feminity' perfectly


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