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Ma Alfred (The End)

Oh no! He had forgotten to lock the door and now he was in the company of two gaping women. Ma Alfred and Rebeca were in Choja's room looking at the disbelieving sight of a naked 18 years old Choja, atop their 8 years old child who was naked from the waist down, with his hand clamping her mouth close. Rebeca screamed and ran out of the house as she called the whole clan to come witness this abomination. Meanwhile Ma Alfred dragged Choja from atop her grandchild and carried her out of the house crying profusely "Oh  my child! Oh my child! was all she repeatedly said as she rushed home. Relief washed through Sarah as her heart which was previously in her mouth, returned to her chest. Shocked by the turn of events, she burst in tears as soon as she got into the house"Did his manhood enter your private part? Ma Alfred asked amidst tears "no" Sarah replied in a teary voice "are you sure?" She nodded. Ma Alfred checked Sarah's vagina to be
certain. After she had made sure her grand child was okay she asked her to narrate everything that happened, which Sarah did.

Greatly pained and terribly disturbed, she gathered the elders in the family and reported all that had happened. The elders in turn arranged for a meeting with Choja and the entire family. While this meeting was going on, Choja waiting to be summoned, briefed his elder brother who is 5 years older than him about everything that transpired for these two were thick as thieves. Daniel told him not to worry, no one would believe Rebeca who had given Choja serious bruises and bite marks after the incident, as she was saucy towards everyone. Choja replied that he understood but that Ma Alfred who was well respected was involved. He assured Choja , that he would handle the situation. All Choja had to do was stay out of sight.
The elders summoned Choja to give his side of the story but he was nowhere to be found. Daniel showed up instead and asked the elders made up of men not less than 70 years of age what they wanted with his brother. The elders asked him to summon Choja as a serious allegation had been laid against him. Daniel mockingly laughed and angrily asked everyone to leave his father's house. Seeing that no one budged, He went into an inner room and returned with a bucket of water which he tossed on everyone present and chased them out, wielding a cutlass.

Ma Alfred was beyond mad. She did not have any money, she would have arrested the stupid boy and his brother. That level of disrespect was preposterous but she was powerless to defend and fight for her grand child. The elders who would have helped serve justice were angry at the level of disrespect Daniel had meted on them. She decided to attend evening service so she would calm down a bit and ask her pastor what steps to take. As she tied her wrapper and attempted to wear her blouse, she cried, cursed, swore and she suddenly did not know how to wear a blouse anymore. Rebeca questioned her as to why she was wearing her blouse in that manner, she did not reply as she was too angry to say anything. Rebeca began to cry and this annoyed her even more.
"Are you crying? oh! so you want to cry? you will cry very well just hold on" She goes out and returned with a basin which she put in front of Rebeca "Please cry, cry and fill that basin up. Nonsense"  She resumed trying to put on her blouse after which she gave a loud shout and fell down bleeding profusely from her nose and mouth. Rebeca screamed, calling for help, Ma Alfred's grand children surrounded her screaming and crying. People heard the screams and ran in to help. She was rushed to a nearby hospital, but it was too late.
Ma Alfred was gone.


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