Thursday, 25 February 2016

The Bondage Of Religion

One may stop to wonder at this topic and become naturally prejudiced even before you start reading this article, some may not even stop to read the first line once they have read the heading while others(a select few that are open minded) will be piqued with interest and read on to know what this article has to offer. Whatever category you belong to. I urge you to read on. 

Religion according to the Oxford dictionary is a system of faith based on the belief in the existence of a god or gods and the activities that are connected with the worship of them. 
Religion has helped in so many ways to keep man on the straight and narrow by appealing


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Life was a whole lot easier as a kid. No worries, playing around all day with your friends. No strife or hate, no need to worry about tomorrow because you were certain dad and mom would provide everything you needed. One didn't understand certain things and even though you were curious, they never really bothered you. Crying was only necessary when you were beaten by an older person or deprived of something you wanted at the time but even in the midst of that crying, it was easy to make you laugh and forget.
Laughing, forgetting and forgiving came easy. You didn't have to think about it or work yourself up to

Friday, 19 February 2016

I Am Woman

I love compliments
I bat my lashes and smile when adored
My waist is motivated to jiggle when ogled
I am shy when accosted by a gentleman


I read somewhere once: Black don’t crack
I like to think of myself as black
Not in the way you think
I am not referring to the color of my skin

Monday, 15 February 2016


Urggh! Please be done already! I am Tired of hearing these pig-like grunts that come with each thrust. His gargantuan weight is killing me and all I feel like doing is pushing him off and screaming at him to take his bulky frame elsewhere. I sigh inside knowing that I cannot do that, his pocket is way too deep and too bulky for me to muster the needed courage to tell him all the nasty things I think of him and throw him out the door.  I need his money and I need it real bad. So, I suck up my irritation and moan profanities into his ears while I lift and wiggle my waist like a hurricane till he spills

Monalisa - II

Boy! Melody was on a mission to wreck me! We bought five hundred thousand naira worth of expensive girly stuff and I couldn’t complain because Melody and I have gone through the gutter and back, she has stuck with me no matter what, she is my cliched sister from another mother and she deserves every bit of our purchase. I really just wish they did not cost so much. After taking selfies,

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Monalisa - III

Long story short, my back stabbing best friend Melody ratted me out to Phil and here I am on a forced date with Dr. Phil. He is actually a doctor and he looks too fine for his own good. I am almost certain his female patients fall ill on purpose just to see him. How did I meet him? You ask. Well, I attended the University of Johannesburg while he attended the School of medicine Pretoria. We met at a mutual friend’s birthday party in JB and instantly had that “we are strangers in a foreign land” connection but it soon went beyond that as we became friend’s and eventually started dating and it was wonderful. I was head over ankles, toes and heels in love with him and he was crazy about me. It was so bad; I couldn’t have a conversation without talking about him half the time. He would pop in just to say hello, lavished me with love and made me so happy, my friends were rotten with envy. We were in love and everything was perfect. He was perfect. To me, He would never and could never do anything to hurt me; he was my St. Phil, different from all the rest. Hmmm… how wrong I was.

Monalisa - The end

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I am wearing a revealing cat suit and doing a strip tease for Tega. My mind keeps replaying the hungry look in Paul's eyes as I twisted and twirled on and around him two nights ago. Unlike Paul's, Tega's lust filled eyes do not stimulate my core. Tega notices.
“What’s the problem? You seem distracted today.”
“I’m okay Teg’s” I smile and lie on his large body.
He holds me “What is the problem?”

Saturday, 23 January 2016

Ma Alfred (i)

I heard a true story once. Of how a woman died as a result of anger. I got curious and asked how? How did she die because she got angry? I did find out though. Here goes:

 The day had begun well for Ma Alfred. She had tilled her ground, had a lovely breakfast, gone to the market to get needed supplies for herself and dependent daughter with 6 children from 4 different absentee fathers. Life was difficult but she loved her child in spite of her waywardness and stubbornness. Most of all, she loved her grand-children very much and would do whatever it took to at least put food in their mouths. At age 60 she was no longer as strong as she used to be but she would try.

Already a few hours past mid day, she had decided to rest a while before attending mid-week bible study at the local church located in the center of town. As she was about to dose off, she suddenly heard screams that made her jump from the bed she lay on. She wasn't sure if the screams were real so she listened again and this time, she was sure. The voice was one she recognized and immediately, she called on her daughter "Rebeca! Rebeca!" She lazily entered the bedroom and replied "why do have to call my name so loudly?' ignoring her reply, she asked "where is Sarah? I think I heared her scream" Listening intently, the scream resounded

Ma Alfred (ii)

...He had heard that virgins were the sweetest. Their vaginas were untouched, unpenetrated, a parcel waiting to be unwrapped. He had heard of how the tightness of a virgin's vagina grips the penis, massaging it into ecstasy and this experience appealed to him very much. He yearned for it and  he day dreamed about it. He would

Ma Alfred iii

As she ran hastily to buy the bottle of coke, Sarah was very excited about the prospects of getting a new dress. A new dress! She hadn't had one since forever. Still, she couldn't help but wonder why Bro. Choja was being nice to her. He had not even acknowledged her existence until about two weeks ago. She must have obviously been doing something right.

"Bro. Choja, I have brought the bottle of coke" She said as she panted, out of breathe from her run. "Come in and put it on the table" She heard him say from somewhere within his house. She had never entered his house and she felt a bit awkward but she went in any way as she took in the neat apartment that was three times bigger than the one her mum and siblings lived in with her grandma.
"That was fast, he said as he came in from the bathroom. "why are you sweating so much, did you run?" "I did", she replied. "Here's your change and the coke" she said as she handed them to him. He smiled, collecting the soft drink but not the change. "You can keep the change but come rest a while before you go. You can sit here"

Ma Alfred (The End)

Oh no! He had forgotten to lock the door and now he was in the company of two gaping women. Ma Alfred and Rebeca were in Choja's room looking at the disbelieving sight of a naked 18 years old Choja, atop their 8 years old child who was naked from the waist down, with his hand clamping her mouth close. Rebeca screamed and ran out of the house as she called the whole clan to come witness this abomination. Meanwhile Ma Alfred dragged Choja from atop her grandchild and carried her out of the house crying profusely "Oh  my child! Oh my child! was all she repeatedly said as she rushed home. Relief washed through Sarah as her heart which was previously in her mouth, returned to her chest. Shocked by the turn of events, she burst in tears as soon as she got into the house"Did his manhood enter your private part? Ma Alfred asked amidst tears "no" Sarah replied in a teary voice "are you sure?" She nodded. Ma Alfred checked Sarah's vagina to be

Wednesday, 13 January 2016

The Beginning

                                  The Beginning 

(yawns, stretches and relaxes) Today marks the beginning of what? I cannot say exactly. Why did I create this blog? Hmmm.. Let's see... Oh! yes, my desire and passion for writing. I do love to write. Whether  I am a good writer or not, I cannot say. I will let potential readers of my blog posts determine that.

However, you must be forewarned that I will post what I like as this is the one medium through which I can unleash myself ; by medium, I mean writing. Nevertheless, I will keep my readers in mind so that I can keep you entertained at all times i.e if you love to read.

For now, I am tired ASF and need to get home which happens to be about two hours from where I work. Feel free to drop your comments, observations, opinions, discretions and what not in the comment section. 
I do not know who you are, whoever stumbles upon this post, but I can definitely tell that I love you already. (Do not ask me how, I won't tell) Peace out!

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