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Ode To A Vintage Soul

November 26th, 2017 will never remain the same for me. You died same time I set my alarm to wake up on Sunday mornings. 6:30am on Sundays will always remind me that you are no longer here.  I miss your bubbliness, your laughter, your sarcasm, your humor...
How do I summarize your being in two lines Gogzy? 
Classy diva with a sense of humor and brains for ages sounds just about right.
I'm more than glad I got to meet an amazing person like you in my lifetime.
Saying goodbye is difficult but I know I will see you again Gogzy. 

Thank you for being amazing. Creative, incredible, delectable, irreplaceable, beautiful, wise, smart, classy... I could go on. 
I'm more than glad I got to meet an amazing person like you in my lifetime and I realize now more than ever that you would not want us to be sad but to think of you and smile. 
I can already imagine you making major adjustments and contributions in heaven because that's who you are. 
You make everywhere you go a better place …
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The Bondage Of Religion

One may stop to wonder at this topic and become naturally prejudiced even before you start reading this article, some may not even stop to read the first line once they have read the heading while others(a select few that are open minded) will be piqued with interest and read on to know what this article has to offer. Whatever category you belong to. I urge you to read on. 

Religion according to the Oxford dictionary is a system of faith based on the belief in the existence of a god or gods and the activities that are connected with the worship of them.
Religion has helped in so many ways to keep man on the straight and narrow by appealing


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Life was a whole lot easier as a kid. No worries, playing around all day with your friends. No strife or hate, no need to worry about tomorrow because you were certain dad and mom would provide everything you needed. One didn't understand certain things and even though you were curious, they never really bothered you. Crying was only necessary when you were beaten by an older person or deprived of something you wanted at the time but even in the midst of that crying, it was easy to make you laugh and forget. Laughing, forgetting and forgiving came easy. You didn't have to think about it or work yourself up to

I Am Woman

I love compliments I bat my lashes and smile when adored My waist is motivated to jiggle when ogled I am shy when accosted by a gentleman
Sometimes, I feel sexy and strut the part When I am uninspired my smile is forced and my words are bland
I am Woman
I want to feel sexy I want to be loved I want to be the center of attraction I want to be wanted
I fix my makeup and wear my red heels I bat my lashes, I strut I stir my hips and smile at the vision that is me

I am Woman


I read somewhere once: Black don’t crack I like to think of myself as black Not in the way you think I am not referring to the color of my skin
When I talk black, I talk strength I talk resilience, I talk bond I talk valor, I talk vigor.
I am black. No, not my skin My attitude, my walk, my talk My doggedness, my gallantry has seen me through tough times Each time life hauls me through the trenches I come out blacker. I am black. Are you?

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Urggh! Please be done already! I am Tired of hearing these pig-like grunts that come with each thrust. His gargantuan weight is killing me and all I feel like doing is pushing him off and screaming at him to take his bulky frame elsewhere. I sigh inside knowing that I cannot do that, his pocket is way too deep and too bulky for me to muster the needed courage to tell him all the nasty things I think of him and throw him out the door.  I need his money and I need it real bad. So, I suck up my irritation and moan profanities into his ears while I lift and wiggle my waist like a hurricane till he spills

Monalisa Contd.

Boy! Melody was on a mission to wreck me! We bought five hundred thousand naira worth of expensive girly stuff and I couldn’t complain because Melody and I have gone through the gutter and back, she has stuck with me no matter what, she is my cliched sister from another mother and she deserves every bit of our purchase. I really just wish they did not cost so much. After taking selfies,